Tartar Shield Direct2Vet is an online portal for veterinary professionals and students offering professional ordering for clinicians. Our platform also includes a library of product resourcing, including clinical studies, research and educational marketing materials on all your favorite tartar shield products.

Nope! Our Direct2Vet program is not exclusive to a select group of veterinary professionals. It is designed to be utilized by the whole spectrum of staff members within a veterinary clinic or retail office. We encourage active participation from everyone, irrespective of their role within the organization.

Additionally, we also welcome students who are pursuing academic avenues in the life sciences, particularly those with a specific inclination towards veterinary medicine to engage with our program.

Please note that even when your clinic does not stock Tartar Shield products, you are still eligible for an Individual User Account. This account will grant you access to Tartar Shield's extensive educational content and product resources, thereby appreciably enriching your understanding of our products and services.

D2V has two main account types:

Individual User Accounts: These are intended for professionals who use, recommend or sell our products. This account gives users access to exclusive marketing materials, product information, and research not typically accessible to the general public on our direct-to-consumer site. The goal is to assist these individuals in understanding our products more comprehensively and ultimately, boosting their sales capabilities.

Company Accounts: These are designed specifically for veterinary clinics or retail partners wishing to place orders for our products at business pricing. This account requires an application and subsequent approval from our internal sales team. Once approved, your company profile can contain multiple locations and different user types. Individual user accounts are then assigned or created and linked to your company account.

A company can pick between two types of access levels for their staff to manage their business with Tartar Shield.

  • Ordering Only: Users with this level of access can make purchases for their company locations and view their order history.
  • Location Admin: This elevated access level allows users to make purchases and view and manage orders placed by all customers at that location. Additionally, they can edit billing and shipping addresses from their account page.

All company user accounts are provided full access to marketing materials, product information, and exclusive research, similar to the accessibility given to Individual User Accounts. 

Yes! All veterinary clinic staff, individuals or students are welcome to join with a limited access account without the need or approval of your current employer.

Visit our register page and apply sign up for a Individual User Account.

All of Tartar Shield's products are available for professional pricing for individual and corporate veterinary clinics. All product research, studies, and marketing materials are subject to availability.

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, or check. ACH payments are subject to availability as well. Net payment terms may also be available.

The process is fast and simple. Just log into your D2V account, select the products you wish to purchase, and complete the checkout process. It is just as simple are buy from your favorite online stores!

Most orders will be delivered via between 3-10 business days. You will receive a tracking number via email once your order has left our warehouse.

Please call the Tartar Shield Customer Support Team at (888) 598-7658 weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EST) or send us an email at sales@tartarshield.com

Only veterinary clinics and our certified retail partners and their staff can make purchases for resale purposes only. If you wish to purchase Tartar Shield products for personal use, please visit tartarshield.com.